Bottling of New Vintages

The time has now come to bottle the wines of Tenuta Santa Caterina. Each year, starting in spring, the preparation of the wines that will be bottled before summer begins. All the wines of the Tenuta undergo a long period of aging in the bottle as a fundamental step for achieving the best final result. Whether the wines only remain in steel or they are wines that remain in wood for a long time aging in the bottle maximizes the potential contained in the wine. Our staff carefully and scrupulously follows all the operations necessary for the preparation of the wines in the cellars. Based on various tastings undertaken in late winter the wines are prepared, in each case depending on the grape varieties and their oenological potential. Hence this is how Salidoro, our white wine created from a blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon, and Arlandino, our Grignolino vinified in steel which with its particular colour is immediately recognizable at a tasting, are born. In the case of the Silente delle Marne it is necessary to remove the wine from the Barriques which received the Chardonnay grapes immediately after crushing and which cuddled them in their entirety for about nine months. Even our two Barbera wines spend a period in wood, albeit with some differences: large barrels for Vignalina whilst the structured elegance of Setecàpita finds the optimal situation to express itself at its best in medium-sized oak barrelsSorì di Giul (Freisa) requires a very long period of permanence in wood followed by an equally long period of aging in the bottle, to give its best. Nebbiolo del Navlè arrives at the moment of bottling with the elegance and integrity typical of the vine, after resting for a long time in barrels of various sizes. And to end, the surprise for all of us: we are ready to bottle the first vintage of Monferace, the Grignolino which is the historic emblem of the Monferrato territory.