Change of Look for Salidoro, Arlandino and VignaLina

“Once upon a time, during fullmoon nights, a magic winged creature flies high over the hills grown with vineyards”.
It’s precisely our winged horse, which has always accompanied our wines, that is beautifully displayed in the new version of Tenuta Santa Caterina wines’ labels. The horse becomes golden, to remember the magic of the fairy tale and the moment which Tenuta Santa Caterina is living. A new and revolutionary graphic look, in line with the progress of Tenuta Santa Caterina with its new company team. The visibility of the denomination is growing that, together with the fantasy name of wines, is very important to immediately identify our territory and the production of our vineyards. The aim is to transmit a clear message about the identity of Tenuta Santa Caterina and its wines.