Discovering Tenuta Santa Caterina

The arrival of spring is the perfect opportunity to leave the frenzy of your town and enjoy a respite into the tranquillity of MonferratoTenuta Santa Caterina is ready to welcome you, with the charm of its vineyards and Italian gardens, fascinating places that fill your eyes with astonishment. Tenuta Santa Caterina’s past lives on in the spectacular Infernotto (UNESCO World Heritage), a rare example of hypogeal architecture excavated 17 metres below ground and crowned with a brick dome. The precious bottles of wine rest there in absolute tranquillity, in an ideal place for their conservation.
After visiting all these magical places at last the meeting with the wine. In our tasting room, set in the restored stables, we will together discover the wines produced by the vineyards of Tenuta Santa Caterina: our whites produced with ChardonnayGrignolino in its two different forms, Barbera Superiore grown in two different vineyards from which we obtain two different wines, Freisa, a noble grape of Piedmont which symbolises one of our favourite wines, and Nebbiolo as produced in Monferrato. An exciting journey through diverse vines and different vinifications, with the possibility of tasting a number of vintages of the same wine. Our wines highlight our territory and in their company one undertakes an unmissable and memorable journey. We await you with all the enthusiasm of those who work with passion in the world of wine.

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