Mercato FIVI

Now in its sixth edition, the Mercato dei Vini of Piacenza is the most awaited event by all those who are part of FIVI. The Italian Federation of Indipendent Winegrowers gathers all the winemakers who transform the production of wine in a lifestyle. In fact the FIVI winegrowers expresses two important qualities, the pride of being indipendent and the intelligence of looking for the support of the colleagues. In many things who works in vineyard not only can, but must decide by himself, and this is the only way to give a personal imprint to the wine. But in many others situations the only way to be understood is by reaching a critical mass. And it’s for this reason that the Mercato FIVI is the favourite date of the indipendent winegrowers. Tenuta Santa Caterina, that is part of this reality, participates every year. In these days it shows you a vertical wine tasting of VignaLina, vintage 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2013, and the Silente delle Marne 2013, new entry in the Monferrato wine-producing family. So we are waiting for you saturday 27th and sunday 28th of November at Piacenza EXPO. #WeAreFIVI