Silente delle Marne is a wine with many stories to tell. One of them is linked to the soils of Maddalena vineyard, made by marl, which are sedimentary rocks rich in lime and variable amounts of clays and silt, without alluvial deposit, quite common in the Asti zone. Fossils and microorganisms in the soils prove that in the past in these lands there was the sea. Another story related to Silente is about the Chardonnay vine variety, which in a marl soil has its natural habitat and this must be the reason why it has not recently imported to Monferrato, as one may believe. It dates back to ages ago instead, as documents from the beginning of the XIX Century prove… This is the incipit, the beginning of the story about Silente delle Marne, then comes the identification of Maddalena vineyard as the most suitable one, together with a methodical and rational zoning of any single parcel, almost clump by clump in order to disclose the most secret geological soul, the perfect part of soil which is perfect to each single Chardonnay clone. In a territory well-known mostly for its red wines, the challenge was to bring to the cellar grapes that can give a great white wine, that can even compete with masterpieces like Burgundies of the same type. It has a long life and it is fulfilling, a limited edition with the ambition to represent the essence of the terroir, a real act of love by the winemaker for his rediscovered vineyard.



APPELLATION: Monferrato Bianco D.O.C.
BLEND: Chardonnay 100%
VINEYARD LOCATION: 300 metres a.s.l. southwest facing
DENSITY PER HECTARE: from 4,500 to 5,000 plants/hectare
HARVESTING: By hand, starting in the first week of September
FERMENTATION TEMPERATURE: Approx. 20°C, 100% fermented in oak barrels (225 litres)
AGEING: About 9 months in oak barrels (225 litres) on its fementation lees with regular batonnage
ENOLOGIST: Mario Ronco
AWARDS: medaglia-139523152013

Silente delle Marne

Born from the silence of the Maddalena vineyard, Chardonnay single-variety vinification, homage to a vine with an ancient story on the Monferrato hills. The result of a meticulous research over the soils of a rediscovered vineyard so to bring the essence of the terroir all in one glass.