First day of March, the surprise of the snow

The climatic trend of the last years has now accustomed us to not be surprised by anything. For this reason, in the morning of today (the first day of March) the whitewashed view of our hills has not caught us totally unprepared. Surely the magic of the environment, that is created when the copious flakes of snow fall on our vineyards and on the Italian style gardens, has contributed more to an enchanted look that amazed. Moreover, in the average seasonal trend of several years, a snowfall in the month of March is not so anomalous, and has already occurred during some years in the last decades. This year also the snow was particularly awaited: after the extreme and continuous heat of summer 2017, and the almost total absence of rains, the snow is to be considered very precious for our vineyards. In fact, the snowpack, slowly melting, is very useful for the restoration of the water reserves of the ground: all the water that comes from the melting of the snow falls slowly and just as slowly reaches the deepest layers of the ground. Leaks due to runoff are minimized, and crops are also protected from excessive thermal lowering. For these reasons, the snow at Tenuta Santa Caterina has been met, with great enthusiasm, even by the first guests of the new season of our Relais, who have found to welcome them the lighted fireplaces and our fairytale landscape.