Grignolino and Freisa at Collisioni Barolo

For four years, Collisioni has integrated its artistic, literary and musical proposal with a project dedicated to Italian food and wine culture: the Wine Project, an incoming of experts at Barolo in Festival’s days for a series of tastings, visits in cellar, tour, walk-around tasting, lunches and dinners with producers, to let international guests live the territory and the Piedmontese and Italian wines. And thanks to this project, Tenuta Santa Caterina has the opportunity to present their native Grignolino, Arlandino 2015, and Freisa, Sorì di Giul 2013. The appointments to be marked are two.
On July 12th, at the Salone dell’Enoturista, from 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m., a tasting entirely dedicated to Grignolino will be held and it will be coordinated by Ian d’Agata. Tenuta Santa Caterina will propose its Arlandino 2015. You will find all the labels in tasting at the stand in Red Square.
On July 14th, Giulia will present Grignolino and Freisa, Arlandino 2015 and Sorì di Giul 2013, at the tasting organized by and for the Women of Wine.