Grignolino and Freisa, undisputed protagonists

During the months of May and June we had several opportunities to meet journalists and professionals from around the world interested in Piedmontese wines. The Consortium for the Protection of Barbera d’Asti and the Wines of Monferrato and Collisioni Barolo organized, at different times and in different places, some Masterclasses for foreign operators during which the noblest grape varieties for Piedmont were presented. We did not miss the opportunity to talk in depth about Grignolino and Freisa, our two wines of the heart that need to be rediscovered both in Italy and abroad. We had the opportunity to meet professionals working in the world of wine abroad: wine educators, sommeliers, international competition judges, sales managers of prestigious restaurant chains, journalists, wine bloggers, wine influencers, all involved, albeit in different ways, in the communication of wine. It was to them that we spoke about the peculiarities of Grignolino, as a typical and exclusive grape variety of Monferrato, and Freisa, a Piedmontese grape variety that boasts noble origins. Starting from the vineyards, we talked about the characteristics of the grapes and the cultivation techniques we adopt to obtain the best product to take to the cellar, and then the winemaking and aging techniques adopted to enhance the best quality of the product obtained in our vineyards. On all occasions, in front of the tasting of our Grignolino both in the steel version and in the aged version, we have received much interest and many questions from participants in the masterclasses. Curiosity and keen interest in native but lesser known wines such as Grignolino and Freisa were the most common reactions that we have aroused in these experts in the field. These meetings have strengthened our confidence on the road we are taking with enthusiasm.