Life in Vineyards

Here we are on the threshold of the first collections of the year 2019 to make a brief summary of the seasonal trend. This is a very bizarre vintage from a climatic point of view, which has given us many surprises. After a very dry winter with two sporadic and small snowfalls, followed by the months of February and March very hot and still without rain. April started with a rain of 50 millimetres, which was followed by several rainy and cold days until the end of May. In the vineyards, we saw a significant advance in the date of budding of the different varieties: the buds opened around 20th March in the case of our earlier budding varieties, such as Nebbiolo, and lasted until the first days of April for the other varieties. Having avoided the risk of cold returns with consequent irreparable damage to the vintage, the vine continued its vegetative cycle, reaching flowering in the first week of June: the early spring became a delay in the phenological phase compared to 2018. From the first days of June, the sun and heat finally invaded our hills, arriving in the last days of the month at temperatures close to 40 degrees. After a flowering that in some situations was different, followed a phase of growth of the berries facilitated by high temperatures and dry weather. Also in the first part of July we saw important thermal peaks. Following an important rainy event in the middle of the month helped to restore temperatures in the seasonal average. The veraison phase began in the very first days of August, in line with the 2018 vintage, and is still ongoing for the red varieties. This is a very varied climatic trend, which has involved us in a great deal of vineyard operations, always carried out with the aim of obtaining the best quality for our grapes.