Lina Borgo’s Children

Lina Borgo was the great-grandmother of Guido Carlo Alleva. She lived in Asti in the early 1900s and she is considered a pedagogist of fundamental importance in defining the school teaching pratices still adopted. An Asti Children’s School is dedicated to her and it was the same where she worked as educator in past. Thanks to the strong bond that characterizes Tenuta Santa Caterina and Asti area, every year we host with great pleasure the children who attend the Lina Borgo Infantry School of Asti. For us it’s always a party day: on Tuesday June 5th, we opened the doors of our winery to a lot of excited and anxious children and, like every year, for us it was an occasion of great joy. The very young children, accompanied by their teachers, spent the whole day in the open air, in our park and in our vineyards, thanks to a warm sun that flooded the whole estate. It was a fun day for them but also very informative. In fact, the teachers, now very well prepared, have explained the history of Tenuta Santa Caterina and have helped the little curious to find out all the varieties of plants and flowers that populate our garden. A day to remember for the children but also for us who live Tenuta Santa Caterina every day.