Rain and grass

We have now reached the height of the season and we can make some initial reflection. We are all agree in highlighting that the first months of the vintage 2018will be remembered by us for the snowin Marchand the rainfall from March to May. Nothing exceptional, if we take a look at the average climate data of our area, but certainly noteworthy if we compare the rainfall data with the 2017, where the rain was totally absentee. The snow and the rain were therefore welcome, and in certain aspects they are considered “a godsend” in view of the 2018 harvest. Of course, the rainy days especially in April and May have a little complicated the management of the vineyards. An aspect visible to all is the grasswhich, thanks to the great availability of water, has grown among the rows of the vineyards and om the headlands. The grassing in viticulture has many advantages, from the enrichment of organic substance in the vineyard to the consolidation of the slopes, from the transit ability of the soils to hosting insects useful for the vineyard balance. It is therefore necessary to tolerate, on the hills and in the vineyards, some glimpse not really ordered with the grass still to be cut: let’s consider it an ally for our agricultural environment and a small evil to be tolerated in vintage like this.