Salidoro 2017 and Silente delle Marne 2014

The Spring fairs were an opportunity to present our new vintages of white wines. Starting from Prowein in Düsseldorf, we brought with us the Salidoro 2017 and the Silente delle Marne 2014, two very different wines and two different years.
Our Salidoro, a blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon cultivated in a single vineyard, found the conditions in 2017 to fully express its potential. The power of the vintage is manifested in the explosion of fragrances that is released as the glass approaches the nose, a multifaceted aromatic complex that surely impresses our sense of smell. Our white, deep and calcareous soils have ensured that acidity and minerality that are particular characteristics of our Salidoro, elements that ensure durability over time. The Silente delle Marne, embellished with a new label, in the 2014 vintage managed to express all its olfactory potential. A fresh vintage is notoriously always favorable to the exaltation of perfumes, and so it happened also for the Silente. The bouquet resulting from fermentation and aging in French oak barrels finds a perfect fusion with the aromatic characteristics of our Chardonnay. Acidity and minerality support and enhance the wine in the mouth, giving it fullness and elegance as well as a respectable length of aftertaste. The new label of the Silente delivers to the taster a piece of history of our Estate: the fresco of the Santa Caterina, which watches over our Historical Cellar, and which can be admired during the guided visits that we invite you to take in our splendid reality.