Sleeping Vineyards

In the first few months after the harvest, it is common to think that only silence and inactivity reigns in the vineyard. In fact this phase of rest is a very delicate and precious step for our vines. After completing the ripening of the clusters the vines are busy preparing for their survival during the winter. It is their ability to “recall” all the secretions that during the vegetative season have accumulated in the leaves to the trunk and the roots: now that they no longer serve for the grapes in the cellar they remain a precious material for the future spring awakening and for this reason, they are preserved in the woody parts of the plants during winter. You can imagine that the fall of the leaves is an “active” process: the plant after the “recall” of secretions decides that the leaves no longer serve and therefore causes the stalk to break. Once all the leaves have been shed, we can consider the vintage is complete and we can look forward to the surprises that the next season will have in store for us.