St. Catherine Day

November 25th is the feast day of St. Catherine of Alexandria, to which our estate is dedicated. But who was St. Catherine of Alexandria? The legend tells us of a virgin who, because of her devotion to Jesus Christ and the struggle against pagan ideas, suffered martyrdom in Alexandria in Egypt in 305 AD, when she was just 18 years old. An enormous wheel was used for her martyrdom and she is always represented with a wheel at her side as you also see in the fresco here in the Tenuta. A young heroine that protects us in difficult vintages and this year has preserved us from spring frosts and summer hailstorms. The day dedicated to St. Catherine is when the countdown to Christmas officially starts. In fact in exactly one month’s time the most anticipated holiday of the year will take place, a party which best accompanies our wines. Do not miss the opportunity of having a splendid gift ready for your friends and family!