Tenuta Santa Caterina Travels: #Germany and #Norway

Our 2018 began traveling and you know, travels always bring a breath of fresh air. Tenuta Santa Caterina flew first to Germany, where we were able to assist importers in tastings dedicated to our wines. We met new people, new operators of the sector. Germany is an interesting country, with a very rich cuisine, perfect in combination with our Barbera VignaLina and Setecàpita.
Then we flew to Norway, precisely in Oslo where our dear friend Alex Bruvol was waiting for us: the good giant, it’s the way we often describe him. A cultured man, very prepared and above all a great connoisseur of wines. He is our importer in Norway and, when he has some free time, he comes in Italy to visit us. This time we went to see him and we could not expect a better “welcome” from Oslo.
Our wines always arouse curiosity and interest during tastings with customers, especially abroad. During wine-tasting, many questions are always asked about the territory, the vineyards, the technique of conduction, vinification and aging. Finally, the pairings with Italian food are subject of great interest, with lively debates and very curious questions, sometimes surprising.
After guided tastings and new contacts, we returned in Italy, full of ideas and positive emotions that the direct contact with customer is always able to ensure. Soon we will update you about our next steps, which will bring the wines of Tenuta Santa Caterina to the Far East!