The awakening of Nature

Unstoppable as every year, the first signs of spring are now visible in our vineyards.
After the snow in March, and the copious rains the occurred during most of the month, the nature is awakening. Everywhere you can appreciate the news that the season is bringing us: spontaneous plants with buds that bloom, little flowers sprouting from the ground, insects that return to activity after winter, sun that becomes warmer. Every year nature awakes, and with it also the vine plants of our vineyards resume their vegetative activity. This year we see a slight delay in this phase of recovery, due to the particular climatic conditions of March: snow and rain, so indispensable and precious for our land, have brought with them lower average temperatures compared to the last years. Vine plants are waiting more favorable conditions to show us their leaves, according to a wonderful natural mechanism that regulates the activities of plants and insects. Several vine plants started crying, an unequivocal sign that radical activity has begun and that the awakening is around the corner, but the gems are still there.
We welcome the return of insects in our vineyards, many of which play a very useful role in the balance of plants. In fact, it’s important to ensure, through appropriate cultivation and vineyard management practices, another degree of variability into the vineyard: the grassing of the land and the maintenance of wooded areas on the borders are two classic examples of instruments adopted to ensure a good vitality on our hills.
So, welcome back ladybugs, a new season awaits us!