The choice of vine shoots

After a few days from the beginning of the budding, it’s essential, for the purpose of obtaining a quality product, to make a choice among the many shoots that the vine plant has produced after the winter rest: this operation takes the name of “suckering”. To varying degrees depending on the variety and vigor of the plants, from each of the buds which had passed the winter one or more shoots come out, and each of these can carry one or more bunches. It’s fundamental make some intervenes from the start of the vegetative season in order to correctly orient the plant “efforts”: to obtain a quality production, it’s essential to choose the more interesting vegetative centers. There are two aspects to consider when we make this choice. In fact, first to all it is necessary to think about the pruning of the following winter, respecting the shoots that will be used for the purpose of setting the plant next season. Moreover, since the quality of the grapes needed by the vinification is inversely proportional to the quality of the product, in this phase a little bit of grapes is eliminated. The operation is exclusively manual and requires a certain attention from the operator, whose hands are entrusted with the fate of our vine plants and the production of the year.