The Green Manure in Vineyard

Recently the technique of green manure has come back in vogue. The main purpose is to give back to the land what is inevitably subtracted with the collection of the product. In fact, to avoid the impoverishment of cultivated land, it is essential to resort to organic fertilization and/or to green manure, which enrich the soil of organic substance to a different extent. In particular, with the green manure, during the autumn period, the various types of herbaceous essences of various kinds and with different properties are usually sown in the rows of the vineyard, normally in alternate rows. Legumes are never lacking, precious plants as they are capable of transferring nitrogen from the air, which as such cannot be used by plants, to the soil through nitrogen fixation. Together with them the grasses are sown, among which the Phacelia Tanacetifolia, whose taping root system is very useful for the improvement of the soil structure. These essences develop after sowing in the autumn period, survive the winter cold and during the spring period they increase visibly. Beginning in the month of May, the shredding is done with or without burial, so that all the organic substance remains in the soil, improving its fertility and structure.