The Ligature in the Vineyards

During the last winter months, the preparation of the plants for the new season is finished. After pruning, the shoots and the wooden parts of the plants, that are no longer needed, are removed manually and then shredded inside the rows. Depending on the form of breeding, it’s necessary to foresee the operations of tying the branches left on the plant to produce the grapes. In our vineyards in Grazzano Badoglio, the most widespread form of breeding is certainly the Guyot, also known as a renewable branch. This form requires every winter the choice of a new fruit head and the elimination of others, with the subsequent binding of the productive shoots for the year to the quay line. The ligature can only be done manually, and it has the purpose of positioning the buds, and therefore the future buds that will bloom in spring, in a way useful for the management of the plant. The final aim is always to obtain the best fruit to accompany in the vinification towards a great wine. Different materials can be used to tie the shoots to the quay wire. In our vineyards, we try to use natural materials whenever possible: to bind, we use a biodegradable thread, which as such makes our necessary intervention certainly more compatible with the environment.