The Mass Selection of Grignolino

Valuing Grignolino is one of the objectives of Tenuta Santa Caterina. In fact, it’s the typical grape variety of Monferrato, cultivated since well before the year one thousand as reported in historical documents. Cultivated since then in our territory, in the last thirty years it has experienced phases of alternate fortune, losing the importance it had in history as a noble wine present on the tables of the Royal Family of Savoy. The depopulation of the Monferrato countryside, the need to manage the production in the vineyard in a very rigorous manner and some small precautions during vinification make this vine not easy to manage. Even at the crucial moment when you decide to plant a new Grignolino vineyard, particular attention must be paid to the choice of plants. In fact, the nursery market offers Grignolino clones selected to produce a lot of grapes per plant, which in the case of Grignolino is just what you need to avoid in order to obtain a quality wine. This is why it is essential to think for a long time to choose plants with the most interesting characteristics for a quality product from old and historical vineyards of the territory, from which to collect the buds to be supplied to the trusted nurseryman who will use them to get the cuttings. This work, which in technical jargon is called massal selection, is essential to be sure to start off on the right foot in the cultivation of those vines, such as Grignolino, which are not of great interest to the nursery today, but that if properly valued they can make the difference for a territory like the Monferrato.