The thinning of the grapes

The thinning of the grapes is a useful technique to regulate the quantity of bunches that each plant must bring to maturation. It is a burdensome operation and, also in some aspects, unpleasant: at the moment of veraison, that happen when the grapes change color, the bunches that are considered redundant are removed, depending on the oenological objective to be aimed. This operation is also called “green harvest”, and the term gives a good idea: the fruits of the vine, still partly green, are cut and thrown to the ground. In this way, the efforts of the plants are concentrated on fewer clusters, adapted to the state of health of the plants, their foliar apparatus, their age and the course of the year. For Tenuta Santa Caterina this practice is now consolidated on red berry varieties: essential for Grignolino and Freisa, very useful on Barbera, virtuous for Nebbiolo grapes. The choice of the bunches to be discarded is relative of the position of the bunch, of its size and its integrity: a delicate work, often and willingly entrusted to the hands of women, who, with their patience and sensitivity, can well interpret in the right way the philosophy of this operation.