The White Truffle in Monferrato

Autumn in Monferrato is the perfect moment to discover one of the finest foods of Italian cuisine which originates from our territory: the white truffle. The white truffle has always grown on the hills of Monferrato, and for this reason we share with the territory of the Langhe the paternity of a product that has made Italy famous all over the world. In the months of October and November in Monferrato there are many fairs where the main protagonist is the white truffle. Here, the “trifolao” (those who search for truffles) will offer you tastings of the best products found in the woods of Monferrato. One of the most important fairs is the Truffle Fair of Moncalvo, a village that is just a few kilometres from Grazzano Badoglio. It will be held on Sunday 28th October and we would recommend you not to miss the chance of visiting it. To celebrate the importance of this rare product you can during your stay in our Relais (you can book a room directly through our website: also book your “Truffle Search” with our trusted “trifolao”, who will explain and show you the technique used to find the best white truffles and after the search you will be able to taste the ones you found. We suggest you should try a good dish of tajarin dusted with white truffle flakes and accompanied by a good glass of our Freisa Superiore Sorì di Giul! It is a perfect match!