The wood aging of our red wines

In this period of the year, the cellar is experiencing a period of relative quiet. After bottling, which we have told you in a previous post, and after waiting for the arrival of the first grapes, we are witnessing a very important process for our red wines that are aging in wood. During the early spring, we filled the wooden barrels with red wines obtained from our vineyards during the harvest of 2017. The choice of the size of the stem, the type of wood and its roasting are decisive choices on the final result that we will go to get. The passage of red wine into the wood is necessary to ensure the wine has adequate shelf life over time. In fact, the wine stabilizes its color and is enriched with tannins, naturally contained in the wood, which are partly transferred to the wine. These tannins are complex with the tannins present in the wine and coming from the grapes, creating a mix of great prestige, capable of improving the organoleptic qualities of the wine. The type of wood and its dimensions therefore have a great impact on the final characteristics of the wine, and it is the task of each producer to identify the tonneaux from which to have their own barrels built, with a process that is almost exclusively handmade and therefore even more fascinating. In the silence of our historical cellar great magic happens!