World Book Day – and a story written for Tenuta Santa Caterina

April 23rd is World Book Day, a fundamental appointment in the calendar of Italian and international cultural events. Sponsored by UNESCO, it is a worldwide tribute to books and authors that encourages everyone to discover the pleasure of reading. This day is also an opportunity to emphasise the importance of books in our life. It is in particular a good opportunity to remember the books you read during a holiday. Remembering a holiday often means bringing back to mind the book that gave it a soul. Undoubtedly a fascinating and erudite reading makes us more sensitive, thoughtful and capable of enjoying to the full every detail of our stay away from home. Our Relais is an ideal place for a relaxing holiday with a good book. This is why Tenuta Santa Caterina has joined the #23April event of Golden Book Hotel. The collection of unpublished stories written by authors during their stay in a Relais and set there is being presented today. The story chosen for our Relais is “Setecàpita” written by Stefania Hauser. You will find it on page 97 of the e-book.
Download the e-book at the following link and enjoy your stay!