Sustainability Reporting 2022

19 - 21 March 2023

What exactly does a Sustainability Report mean, and why is it so important for a company like ours?
The Sustainability Report is a special document that explains how Tenuta Santa Caterina relates to the environment that surrounds it. And when we say environment, we mean not only the agricultural aspect but also the human and economic aspects. It's like a map that shows how we take care of our land, the people who live nearby, and everyone who is part of our family. For us, this Sustainability Report is an invitation to be transparent about how we work and with whom we collaborate. We want to share what we do concretely to achieve our goals and how much we care about our territory, including our collaborators and employees.
Why is the Sustainability Report important for a winery?
A Sustainability Report is particularly important for a winery because the cultivation of vineyards and the production of wine have a significant impact on the environment, society, and surrounding communities. Here are some key reasons why we believe that the Sustainability Report is essential:
- Environmental responsibility: wine production involves the cultivation of vines, the use of natural resources such as water and energy, and the treatment of agricultural residues and waste. A Sustainability Report helps the company assess and monitor the environmental impact of its operations and adopt more sustainable practices to reduce resource usage, greenhouse gas emissions, and minimize pollution.
- Resource conservation: viticulture heavily relies on natural resources such as soil and water. A Sustainability Report allows measuring resource usage and developing strategies for sustainable land management, ensuring the conservation of biodiversity and protection of local ecosystems.
- Community involvement: wineries often belong to local communities. A Sustainability Report enables the company to assess the social impact of its activities on the community, such as employment, local development, engagement with institutions, and social responsibility initiatives.
- Performance improvement: through the Sustainability Report, the company can evaluate progress over time, set sustainable objectives, and improve environmental and social performance.
- Communication and transparency: a Sustainability Report enables the company to communicate transparently about its actions and results in terms of sustainability, building trust and transparency with consumers, investors, and other stakeholders.
In summary, the Sustainability Report helps a winery become more aware of the impact of its activities, promote sustainability, engage the local community, and ensure the protection and enhancement of the environment it operates in. We have embraced this project because we believe it is important to involve you in this journey and share our commitment to a healthier environment and a stronger community.

Sustainability Report 2022 (Italian version)

Sustainability Reporting 2022

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