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The six suites each boast a name that belongs to a different wine from the Estate - around which their personalities have been created. Each one is different in size, furnishings, and decoration – a combination of inherited antiques from the original house, and other pieces of historical intrigue.
All the rooms contain everything you need for an intimate, comfortable stay.

Luxury Suite Setecàpita

Superficie: 48 mq.
SETECÀPITA. This curiously named suite refers to a wine of particular importance here at the Estate – such is the level of comfort and hierarchy that this bedroom holds.

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Premium Suite Salidoro

Superficie: 39 mq.
SALIDORO is a suite as unique as the name it is given. Like a small house set inside another, this enormous suite is spread over two floors, with its own front door – separate from the main house, which also permits direct access to the main house’s communal areas.

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Senior Suite Navlè

Superficie: 42 mq.
NAVLÈ’s interior pops with blue walls and red furnishings. Traditionally, these colours were the preserve of the most important room in the house, and otherwise only used for special occasions.

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Senior Suite Silente

Superficie: 36 mq.
SILENTE, An evocative name for an intimate bedroom suite with dove-coloured walls, and a refined but simple elegance in its décor.

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Junior Suite Vignalina

Superficie: 31 mq.
VIGNALINA is a bedroom dressed in green, mirroring the sweeping vineyard landscape that it overlooks.

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Classic Room Arlandino

Superficie: 22 mq.
ARLANDINO is the nickname given to Grignolino, a noble, local grape variety, well-suited to this small alcove room as it is painted a beautiful shade of green.

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Guided Tastings and Cellar Door Visits

Join us on a sensory journey through our surrounding UNESCO World Heritage Site. Book a visit to the Estate.
In the heart of Asti’s Monferrato region, the pretty village of Grazzano Badoglio is home to the Tenuta Santa Caterina Wine Estate – a stunning old property whose wooden doors open up to show off an incredible part of Italy’s much immortalised beauty.  Beyondthe main courtyard, a panoramic viewpoint affords sweeping vistas over the pretty Italian Gardens and extensive vineyards that surround this most historic of private residences. The Tenuta Santa Caterina Estate has always followed eco-sustainable principles when it comes to the cultivation of their vines – something that this area has long been known for. Explore the living past through the Estate’s spectacular underground ‘infernotto’ cellars, dug 17 meters below ground - part of the area’s designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today, this is where the wines age in French oak barriques and giant Slavonian oak ‘botti’. In the Old Stables you will be guided through a tasting of our wines, learning about the essence of the Monferrato terroir and the beating heart of it that is Tenuta Santa Caterina Estate.

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