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Tre Bicchieri 2023 “Up & Coming Winery”

Cantina Emergente Tre bicchieri Tre bicchieri

Tenuta Santa Caterina Wine Estate, wins the Gambero Rosso Guide Wine, ‘Up-and-Coming Winery 2020’.
Tenuta Santa Caterina Wine Estate was equally delighted to receive for the fourth time “Tre Bicchieri” stamp - Italy’s most prestigious wine accolade, for the Estate’s Grignolino Storico Monferace – a red wine made from one of Piedmont’s noble grape varieties – unique to this region. These two brilliant accreditations represent much-coveted awards for any Italian wine Estate, offering a serious quality appraisal of Santa Caterina’s meticulous work, both in the vineyards and in the cellar. Such official recognitions bring deserved attention to the lesser known grape varieties found in Monferrato, something the Estate is truly passionate about reviving and championing. 
Tenuta Santa Caterina Wine Estate works specifically with two historic grape varieties -Grignolino and Freisa, seeking to build on and amplify the great potential they see in these grapes when it comes to modern winemaking. Where others choose to plant vines that are easier to grow, and often more internationally recognisable, the team at Tenuta Santa Caterina Estate feels a responsibility to promote wines of great quality, strongly rooted in Monferrato’s traditions. The recognition afforded by the Gambero Rosso Guide exemplifies the absolute dedication that the team have shown to the Estate’s home region, bringing with it great courage for future projects and beyond.

Guided Tastings and Cellar Door Visits

Join us on a sensory journey through our surrounding UNESCO World Heritage Site. Book a visit to the Estate.
In the heart of Asti’s Monferrato region, the pretty village of Grazzano Badoglio is home to the Tenuta Santa Caterina Wine Estate – a stunning old property whose wooden doors open up to show off an incredible part of Italy’s much immortalised beauty.  Beyondthe main courtyard, a panoramic viewpoint affords sweeping vistas over the pretty Italian Gardens and extensive vineyards that surround this most historic of private residences. The Tenuta Santa Caterina Estate has always followed eco-sustainable principles when it comes to the cultivation of their vines – something that this area has long been known for. Explore the living past through the Estate’s spectacular underground ‘infernotto’ cellars, dug 17 meters below ground - part of the area’s designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today, this is where the wines age in French oak barriques and giant Slavonian oak ‘botti’. In the Old Stables you will be guided through a tasting of our wines, learning about the essence of the Monferrato terroir and the beating heart of it that is Tenuta Santa Caterina Estate.

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The philosophy behind our production

Vignaioli indipendenti

The philosophy of the Estate’s wine production ensures necessary interventions are made to achieve wines of great quality, value and personality. Modern winemaking techniques combined with years of traditional wisdom coexist at the Estate, together with an absolute respect for the environment. Organic fertilisers, mechanical control of weeds without the use of chemicals, green grape harvesting, leaf stripping, and hand picking small parcels, working with these small selections in the cellar, are just some of the key ways that Santa Caterina Estate ensures top-quality production.  

Purchase our wines

Navlè Tenuta Santa Caterina
La Collezione Navlè Tenuta Santa Caterina from 50,00 €
La Collezione Monferace from 38,00 €
Silente delle Marne
La Collezione Silente delle Marne from 40,00 €
La Collezione GC - GUIDOCARLO from 48,50 €
Le Riserve SorìdiGiul from 29,00 €
Le Riserve Setecàpita from 29,00 €
La Tradizione Illegale from 19,50 €
La Tradizione Vignalina from 16,00 €
La Tradizione Arlandino from 13,50 €
La Tradizione Salidoro from 18,00 €
Coccole di Natale - 12 bottiglie 750 ml
Bottles Package Coccole di Natale - 12 bottiglie 750 ml 195,00 € from 170,00 €
The Tenuta Santa Caterina Collection
Bottles Package The Tenuta Santa Caterina Collection from 140,00 €
Historical Monferrato
Bottles Package Historical Monferrato from 100,00 €
Le Scoperte
Bottles Package Le Scoperte from 67,00 €
I vini della tradizione
Bottles Package I vini della tradizione from 52,00 €

News - Events


At Tenuta Santa Caterina gardens, the final concert "Divertimento Ensemble" will take place, featuring the conductors selected from the 19th Orchestra Conducting Course dedicated to the repertoire for ensembles from the early 1900s to the present day.


CG GuidoCarlo, the Metodo Classico of Tenuta Santa Caterina.

Its name is GC - GUIDOCARLO, and it is the latest wine from Tenuta Santa Caterina, a Metodo Classico sparkling wine named after the Owner of Tenuta Santa Caterina.


VinoVip al Forte 2023: dalle Dolomiti alla Versilia

È giunto finalmente il momento. Dal 15 al 17 maggio 2022 la ProWein, la più importante e grande fiera mondiale dedicata ai vini e agli spirits si terrà nuovamente, come ai vecchi tempi, in presenza dopo due anni di pausa dovuta alla pandemia. Tenuta Santa Caterina sarà presente al Padiglione 15 A41 desk 20 dello stand PIEMONTE Land of Perfection.




A beautiful Country House Relais B&B set within the stunning Monferrato hills

Tenuta Santa Caterina Relais, Country House B&B is a haven of elegance and refinement set amidst the rolling hills of Piedmont. Today you can stay in one of its six luxury bedrooms, in what was formerly the original family house.
Spacious outdoor areas offer guests the chance to take pleasant walks between pretty flower-strewn gardens perfumed by quintessentially Italian, aromatic herbs.
Our breakfast service offers you a feast of local ingredients, world famous for their richness of flavour, and well known to this part of Italy for very many years.
The house boasts sumptuous areas to relax in after days out visiting the nearby area, with comfortable lounges, a reading room, and six luxury suites, each dedicated to a specific wine from the Estate.
Our luxury rooms play second fiddle to the stunning views offered over the surrounding vineyards and the wines that they help produce – ready to be explored once you arrive through the house’s impressive wooden front doors. It is a residence to be enjoyed at any time of year - either in the spring when our garden flowers are in full bloom, during the summer when cool seaside breezes permeate the air, autumn when harvest is in full swing against a backdrop of seasonal colours, or in the winter, when we welcome in a special quietness, next to cosy firesides.

1-relais living
2-relais breakfast-room
Tenuta santa caterina Piscina Relais

B&B Rooms

The six suites each boast a name that belongs to a different wine from the Estate - around which their personalities have been created. Each one is different in size, furnishings, and decoration – a combination of inherited antiques from the original house, and other pieces of historical intrigue.
All the rooms contain everything you need for an intimate, comfortable stay.


Countless opportunities exist to make the most of a stay at Tenuta Santa Caterina Relais B&B. Guests are invited and encouraged to engage in all sorts of local activities. You can go hiking or bicycling in the nearby countryside, while Monferrato is well suited to satisfy historical and artistic curiosities. Guided tastings at the property’s private cellar will introduce you to the multifaceted and highly sensory, world of wine.

Visits and wine tastings

Visits of the Estate and wine tasting can be booked, as well as using the exclusive tasting room inside the Relais.   


Hiking in Monferrato zone, Unesco world heritage

To live authentic experiences and get to know Monferrato area discovering its peculiarities, immerse yourself in nature among vineyards, hazelnut groves, fields and cross small villages builded in "Pietra da Cantoni", a typical sandstone of the area, an hike with storytelling accompanied by an Hiking Guide. Here are our paid proposals.


Panoramic swimming pool

Panoramic swimming pool exclusively available for our guests.


Experiences and tastings

Estate Tour and Tasting with the Winemaker La degustazione con l'Enologo 75,00 €
Estate Tour and Tasting I vini da Collezione della Tenuta 35,00 €
Estate Tour and Tasting Premium wine selection 50,00 €
Aperitif in the cellar with our wines Aperitif on the terrace 15,00 €
Alla scoperta dei vini del Monferrato I vini del Monferrato Plus 25,00 €
Estate Tour and Tasting "I vini del Monferrato" 20,00 €
A selection of classic Piedmontese antipasti. Cold Cuts & Cheese Platter 15,00 €

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Visite e Degustazioni
Via Marconi 23,
14035 Grazzano Badoglio AT
Tel./Fax +39 0141 925472


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