The Estate

First recorded as an agricultural farm in 1737, the property was brought back to life by Guido Carlo Alleva who started working at the estate in the 2000s. Guido decided to return to where he was born, resuming his family’s tradition as a viticulturalist. Tenuta Santa Caterina Estatehas since been restored by the skilful hands of local craftspeople, under a concerted effort to respect the past that it once inhabited. The Palazzo, the Porticos, the Italian Gardens, the Stables, the Old Cellar with brick vaults, and the Infernòt, dug deep into the “tufo” up to 17 meters deep, have all been brought back to life with a considerate modern touch. Infernòtis a Piedmontese term that describes underground cellars used for the conservation of wines: an authentic jewel of underground architecture, now recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.  


The local area

Tenuta Santa Caterina Estate is located in Piedmont, in the village of Grazzano Badoglio, on the gentle hills of the Colli Divini" Divine Hills" in the heart of Monferrato’s province of Asti. This is an area where vineyards have always dominated the local landscape and where historical monuments bear witness to the long-lived origins of this unique community and place.

The Vineyards

Substantial care, attention and research have formed a key part in the recovery of over twenty hectares of vineyards. Following the principles of symbiotic agriculture, these vineyards have been brought back to life using organic fertilizers and other microbiological viticulture techniques. In compliance with the local viticulture rules, Monferrato’s indigenous varieties such as Grignolino, Freisa, Barbera, Nebbiolo, as well as others long-present in the area (Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc), have been successfully revived and replanted.



The wines from Santa Caterina Estate are made from grapes grown exclusively in our own vineyards. This gives each one its own specific ‘fingerprint’ from our very own doorstep. Each bottle we produce is of ‘Cru’ quality, with each bunch of grapes, grown over many long months, receiving substantial attention and care as they mature and ripen. Our fermentations are carried out with indigenous yeasts that live naturally on the grapes’ skins. The wine is then aged first in barrel, then in bottle, resting in the cool of our cellars until we consider them ready to be released. We strongly believe that such meticulous practices are essential to bringing the soul of our landscape and the passion of the winemaker into the glass, and guarantee that the wines will continue express their very best over the course of many years to come.

A beautiful Country House Relais B&B set within the stunning Monferrato hills

Tenuta Santa Caterina Relais, Country House B&B is a haven of elegance and refinement set amidst the rolling hills of Piedmont. Today you can stay in one of its six luxury bedrooms, in what was formerly the original family house.
Spacious outdoor areas offer guests the chance to take pleasant walks between pretty flower-strewn gardens perfumed by quintessentially Italian, aromatic herbs.
Our breakfast service offers you a feast of local ingredients, world famous for their richness of flavour, and well known to this part of Italy for very many years.
The house boasts sumptuous areas to relax in after days out visiting the nearby area, with comfortable lounges, a reading room, and six luxury suites, each dedicated to a specific wine from the Estate.
Our luxury rooms play second fiddle to the stunning views offered over the surrounding vineyards and the wines that they help produce – ready to be explored once you arrive through the house’s impressive wooden front doors. It is a residence to be enjoyed at any time of year - either in the spring when our garden flowers are in full bloom, during the summer when cool seaside breezes permeate the air, autumn when harvest is in full swing against a backdrop of seasonal colours, or in the winter, when we welcome in a special quietness, next to cosy firesides.

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Navlè Tenuta Santa Caterina
La Collezione Navlè Tenuta Santa Caterina from 50,00 €
La Collezione Monferace from 40,00 €
Silente delle Marne
La Collezione Silente delle Marne from 45,00 €
La Collezione GC - GUIDOCARLO from 48,50 €
La Tradizione Illegale from 19,50 €
La Tradizione Vignalina from 18,00 €
La Tradizione Arlandino from 13,50 €
La Tradizione Salidoro from 20,00 €
Historical Monferrato
Bottles Package Historical Monferrato 202,00 € from 94,00 €
I vini della tradizione
Bottles Package I vini della tradizione 101,00 € from 52,00 €

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