Grazzano Badoglio

Tenuta Santa Caterina Wine Estate is located in the municipality of Grazzano Badoglio, in the wider region of Asti Monferrato - an area of historical importance, recently declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Marquis Aleramo, Monferrato’s first Sovereign and Alemannic Knight of Saxon lineage, built an Abbey here 961, assigning it to the Benedictines. The Marquis attributed feudal rights to the Abbey, to which he remained devoted until his death, and, in which, he is now buried. Grazzano Badoglio’s Abbey was built on a hill - denoting it as a settlement of Roman origin. Grazzano was perhaps named after Gratius - a commander under Julius Caesar, who inherited these lands as a reward for his military victories. Over the centuries the settlement of Grazzano grew up around the Abbey grounds. Santa Caterina itself was initially established as a fortress to protect the Abbey’s complex. The village owes its name to Saint Catherine of Alexandria, a noble 3rdCentury Egyptian martyr. The identity of the original farm here has been documented since 1737, when brothers Lodovico and Pietro Plebano transformed the property from a fort into a something more palatial. At the beginning of the 1800s, the property passed to the Cotti family, who maintained its agricultural activity for over a century, developing it with very advanced technology for their time. In the 1930s the Estate was acquired by a wealthy family from Turin who upheld its prestige for many decades, but the property began to fall into ongoing decline towards the end of the 20thCentury. In the early 2000s, it was bought by the Alleva family who have since taken on a mantel of care for its complete restoration in line with specific classical building guidelines that respect both its history and the local landscape. The town of Grazzano is dominated by a trio of architectural feats that include the Benedictine Abbey, Parish Church, and the Romanesque Campanile (bell tower). Each of these monuments are open for visits, inside of which you will find Marquis Aleramo’s Tomb, frescoes and mosaics painted by local artists, as well as other items depicting the locality’s interesting history. Guided tours can be arranged by the Estate.  Other points of interest while visiting our pretty village are walks that will take you through Monferrato’s inimitable landscape of vineyards, hazelnut groves and small churches. Visitors here are afforded 360 degree views onto a wide variety of crops, neatly sewn into the area’s natural topography. We would recommend getting to know the area using e-bikes, which can be easily rented on site.


Visits and Wine Tastings

Monday to Saturday. Here you can purchase our full range, as well as tasting some wines by the glass. 
All major credit and debit cards are accepted.  Opening hours: Monday to Saturday: Open 9am-1pm and 2pm-6pm. Closed between 1-2pm.  Parking: You can park next to the Estate. We also recommend you use the carpark in front of the post office in Grazzano Badoglio’s main square. It is then a short walk to the entrance of the Estate (200m). Languages spoken: Italian, English.  The cellar sits at a constant temperate of 15°-18°C year-round. We ask you to bring suitable clothing to make your visit comfortable. Pets are welcome, if kept on a lead.

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