The importance of terroir in our vineyards

The true wealth of our vineyards is found in our soil, through which the unique character of our wine is created. Sustainable agriculture is carried out in the vineyards with the aim of ensuring that the vines live in their best state of wellbeing – an essential condition for obtaining quality grapes and wines that shine full of character. Any viticultural interventions focus on the vine’s shoots and leaves, and on the roots. A vine’s roots help absorb essential mineral elements - specific and exclusive to each vineyard site - into each bunch of grapes. Soil and vine health are therefore of paramount importance to the viticulture team at Santa Caterina Estate. The Estate only uses organic fertilizers, ensuring complete fertility can be restored to the soil. During the autumn, a green manure technique is used between the vines on their varied root systems, improving their structure, porosity and overall ability to bear fruit. At the time of planting, and periodically during winter, microbiological fungus are worked into the soil, aiding and preserving the regeneration and growth of the roots. No chemical herbicides are used, thus protecting the complex life of the soil.

Estate Tour and Tasting with the Winemaker La degustazione con l'Enologo 75,00 €
Estate Tour and Tasting Premium wine selection 50,00 €
Estate Tour and Tasting I vini da Collezione della Tenuta 35,00 €
Estate Tour and Tasting La Selezione 30,00 €
Alla scoperta dei vini del Monferrato I vini del Monferrato Plus 25,00 €
Estate Tour and Tasting La verticale di Grignolino 20,00 €
Estate Tour and Tasting "I vini del Monferrato" 20,00 €
A selection of classic Piedmontese antipasti. Cold Cuts & Cheese Platter 15,00 €

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