The Oenologist tells: the 2021 harvest

Novembre 2020

The 2021 harvest, at least for Piedmont, was an excellent year, even exceptional for some varieties. Looking at the Piedmontese territory in general, the substantial and evident difference is between the areas that have suffered heavy hailstorms, and the areas that have not seen the hail violently hit the vineyards. It is clear that the producers of the hailed areas are not harvesting a good product, while in the vineyards that have not suffered from bad weather the quality of the grapes is exceptional. The same thing can also be said for the areas affected by cold returns, which have affected only some wine-growing areas while others have only been touched upon. The vineyards of Tenuta Santa Caterina in the 2021 vintage did not suffer any damage either from late cold or from major hailstorms. The season in general was characterized by somewhat fluctuating weather conditions and largely anomalous compared to the average for the period, which however overall led to an excellent final result. The spring season had a good start for the hills of the Basso Monferrato, albeit with temperatures below average which caused a delay in the early vegetative phases, at least until flowering. Subsequently, the month of June gave us temperatures above the seasonal average, which accelerated the vegetative development and made up for the most part the delay accumulated in the first months of spring. In July, again some rainy events and temperature drops created a deviation from the averages for the month, without however damaging the regular development of the vegetative cycle. Subsequently, in the middle of August, temperatures rose significantly, reaching air temperatures above 40 ° C for almost a week. This, together with an important lack of rain, caused some burns especially on sensitive varieties (for example Barbera) and in the southern exposures, which required some selection interventions of the bunches during the harvesting phases. The white grapes at the harvest ensured good sugar levels but at the same time good acidity levels, always appreciated for white vinifications. The quantities of grapes per hectare for the white varieties (I am speaking above all of Chardonnay) were lower than the average of the previous years, but the quality was excellent. Barbera has reserved several pleasant surprises: good productions in quantity and at the same time exceptional quality, both in color and structure and in the health of the bunch. The quantity of sugars at the harvest was more than good, and the alcoholic degrees developed are between 14 and 15 degrees, the latter only for the best batches. The colors of the wines are decidedly more intense than the average varietal of the previous vintages, as well as the polyphenolic extractions. The olfactory scents, already clear and varietal, are highly respected. The batches of Grignolino collected confirm the exceptional quality of this harvest: high quantities of anthocyanins and very ripe tannins and therefore sweet and rounded. Thanks to the favorable climatic conditions, the Grignolino grapes have in fact reached a balanced maturation in the vineyards between the different components, allowing us to have a high quality product in the cellar. Some batches of Grignolino are still in maceration with the splinting technique, and this long contact with the skins will last a few more months. Even the Freisa and Nebbiolo grapes have reached an adequate ripeness on the plant to achieve quality products. In the skins and seeds, the polyphenolic components matured at their best, and during the maceration phase the extraction was noble and balanced. Some batches of Nebbiolo are still in maceration and given the quality of the product they will remain there for a long time. In short, the 2021 vintage gave us great emotions, which we are sure we will be able to appreciate in our wines over the years to come. Book a visit and tasting

The Oenologist tells: the 2021 harvest

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